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For most people choosing to undertake medical treatment is an anxious and difficult business. Choosing to travel far from home can only make this more difficult: you leave familiar people and places behind and have to both manage new experiences as well as cope with the discomfort and stress of undergoing surgery or extended treatment.

At Globe Health Tours we understand this and make every effort to help you have the best possible experience as well as successfully achieve your treatment outcome, whether that be to return to work, look after grandchildren or to be able to live a normal life for the first time.

For more and more people, travelling for treatment is a necessity rather than a choice. Local treatments are either too expensive or not available. For others travel is a conscious choice, preferring the quality of remote hospitals and treatment centres to the vagaries of local medical resources. Which ever situation our patients find themselves, almost all come to this process with little experience of discussing medical treatments with medical professionals, of choosing between different treatment options and managing the process of treatment and recuperation. Our role is to help explain, offer guidance around choices and provide you with the support when you need it.

At the end of the day, you the patients are making the choices. For many of you, after a lifetime of letting doctors make your choices, this is a liberating and exciting feeling.

Globe Health Tours hospital and treatment directory includes information about hospitals providing surgery and treatments to visitors.Many of the questions we are asked and our answers are captured and collected here to help you make decisions.


Through this FAQs section, we are trying to help you find answers to your queries and anxieties regarding treatment abroad. Many of the questions we are asked and our answers are captured and collected here to help you.

What does Globe Health Tours Do?

Globe Health Tours provides prospective patients with the information to allow them to decide whether to plan and undertake medical treatment abroad.

Why Travel to India for Health Treatments?

There are a number of good reasons for visiting India for medical treatments:

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