About Globe Health Tours

Globe Health Tours is a UK based company established by medical professionals to help people with medical needs to schedule medical treatments in distant countries as well as making the necessary travel arrangements. We are a partnership between the Scottish Dental Implant Centre, Scotland's leading dental implants centre and HelpMeGo.To which is a leading travel company in the UK that specialises in creating sophisticated and bespoke itineraries for travellers. Globe Health Tours has also partnered with a number of local physicians and GPs.


Access To Affordable Healthcare... We help uninsured and under-insured consumers obtain more affordable dental care, medical specialty care, surgeries and diagnostic testing. This "on demand" (or elective) healthcare programme gives people significant discounts on needed care at the time that it is required. We provide this service to customers throughout the world.
Linking Consumers To Providers... Globe Health Tours links consumers to a range of international healthcare providers who agree to offer all in one health care packages to patients; these packages include theatre and surgery costs, inpatient costs and also expected consumables or diagnostic testing.
We collect information from healthcare professionals including but not limited to
  • training,
  • education,
  • experience,
  • malpractice coverage,
  • board certifications,
  • qualifications,
  • languages,
  • specialties,
  • location,
  • hours,
  • licensure,
  • cash discounted prices.
The collected information is checked for accuracy by our team led by our medical director and entered into our own database. If you need help with a diagnosed condition, please call us - +44 871 789 6150 or fill in our contact form so we can assess your needs and provide you with a costed treatment plan.

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