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Gastric Bypass Surgery at Lifeline in Chennai

1 week package for minimally invasive gastric bypass surgery in Chennai, India.

Gastric bypass surgery is a highly successful treatment for patients suffering from morbid obesity who wish to lose weight but are finding that conventional non-surgical approaches are not working for them.

Our gastric bypass surgery package in India includes all surgery and theatre costs, costs of surgical staples. Costs of intensive care treatment and several days in the post operative ward.

The cost we quote is based on a standard gastric bypass surgery, however costs can vary depending on the number of staples.

Our clinical partners are Lifeline specialise in laparascopic surgery which uses minimally invasive techniques to reduce scarring, reduce surgical trauma and to assure patients of a good medical outcome. Their experience of weight loss surgeries in the theatre means that they are able to decide the right techniques and approaches for all patients based on their long experience of this type of treatment.

Does Price Quoted include accommodation & travel?: No

Length of Surgery in minutes: 120
Hours Spent in Intensive Care: 48
Days in Post Operative Ward: 2
Days in Recuperation After leaving Ward: 4
Number of Visits Required for Treatment: 1

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