Medical Tourism: Philippines and other Asian countries attract millions

Medical Tourism – Growth and Demand

With increased demand in the medical tourism sector, every country is up to draw tourists, to boost the economy.

Unlike before – more Americans fly overseas for medical treatment. The US companies have even started considering medical tourism an option to reduce healthcare cost of their employees.

Medical Tourism – Asian Markets gear up to attract more tourists

To capture a greater share of the market, Asian countries (including India, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore etc.) plan to add more ‘state-of-the-art facilities’ to address demands of foreign visitors.

Medical Tourism in Philippines

Philippines Medical Tourism

Philippines Medical Tourism


Why not plan a trip in Philippines, which is one of the popular medical tourism destinations in Asia?

In comparison with the last year data, the visitor arrivals in Philippines grew by 11.28 percent. Philippines hit the 3 million ‘tourist visit’ mark in August 2013.

Here, are a few top travel destinations in Philippines: Manila, Boracay, Baguio, Camiguin, Zambales, Negros Oriental, Ilocos Norte and Puerto Princesa.


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