MRI Scan: INUMAC – the most powerful scanner in the making

MRI Scanner – INUMAC Project

MRI Scanner

MRI Scanner

This has the strength to lift even 60 metric ton battle tank. The news is about the MOST powerful MRI scanner, in the world.

The INUMAC (Imaging of Neuro disease Using High Field MR and Contrastophores) project has been in progress since 2006.

INUMAC – The Most Powerful MRI Scanner

The most powerful MRI scanner will be out, next year. Equipped with a superconducting electromagnet and designed to produce a magnetic field of about 11.75 Tesla, the whole body MRI machine will bring a new revolution in the medical diagnostic imaging arena. (Note: standard MRIs produce 1.5 or 3 Tesla with spatial resolution of 1 mm).

The earlier record for magnetic field strength was 9.4 Tesla.

For the Highest Quality MRI Scans

With a resolution of 0.1 mm (1000 neurons), INUMAC will be able to provide the highest quality MRI scan results than any standard Magnetic resonance imaging machines.

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